who is endvrsmedia?

alan sabido, better known as endvrsmedia or endvrs on social media, is the face behind the camera. alan is a las vegas based freelance photographer whose main focus is on live music/concert photography. although that being his main focus it does not deter him from going out into the city and creating content with people. streetwear, city/landscapes, and product are other forms of photography dabbled with.

What is Endvrsmedia?

Endvrsmedia is a creation that was brought to life to by the CURIOSITY of having a camera in hand. a realization that there was a way to capture moments in people’s lives and the music he loved all into one. he noticed that music created an array of emotions in people so why not capture those moments by working with artist he really enjoyed listening to? To him there is no greater feeling than seeing people reflect on pictures that were taken months if not years ago.


Working, COLLABORATING, and connecting with individuals. growing, seeking untapped potential, HAPPINESS and success. being better than he was yesterday instead of wanting to be in other people’s shoes as we do not know the struggles that burden them.